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Visual MODFLOW Flex v.2012.1 Update

Build (July 2012)


  • Create new boundary condition cells by drawing polygon/polylines, in the numerical workflow (for all supported boundary conditions except Recharge and Evapotranspiration)
  • More options to edit boundary condition attributes, including adding new time schedule rows, change attributes from steady state and transient, etc.
  • Improved Run Engines GUI
  • Added statistics to the calibration charts
  • Translated MODFLOW, MODPATH and Zone Budget files now use relative paths instead of absolute directory paths.
  • Added style settings for the “three-plane” slice that is shown in the 3D view of the Flex viewer.
  • When you define conceptual property zones with polygon shapes, after running conceptual to numerical conversion, this will result in one property zone created per shape.
  • When importing Visual MODFLOW project, an observation wells data object is now created that will allow for viewing and editing the data.

Full list of improvements is available in the online readme

Defects Addressed:

  • constant head BC cells were not being assigned to the correct layer, when using the “Use Surface” option, after converting conceptual model to numerical model
  • pathlines were shifed in the results with rotated grids
  • received error when trying to edit boundary condition cells, if the numerical model originated from a conceptual model.
  • error occurred when trying to show a structural zone or property zone in 3D viewer, if geometry was invalid.
  • MODFLOW-LGR was not giving correct results with the SAMG solver.
  • exception occurs during “Edit Grid” step (refine rows/cols), if you set End row to be the last row.
  • the “Project/Save As” option was not working correctly; the MODFLOW packages were not being copied to the new directory.

Full list of changes is available in the online readme

Visual MODFLOW Classic Updates Also Available:

Visual MODFLOW Classic, Build 161 is also available. Full list of changes is available in the online readme.

If you have valid software maintenance, please contact our Techsupport team (sws-support@slb.com) for download instructions.

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