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Visual MODFLOW Flex Reviewed by GroundwaterGo

/, Visual MODFLOW Flex/Visual MODFLOW Flex Reviewed by GroundwaterGo

Late last year we unveiled Visual MODFLOW Flex – the next generation of VMOD that integrates conceptual and numerical modeling. After attending one our free VMOD Flex webinars, Karen from the GroundwaterGo blog shared her first impressions on the improved user experience and some of the new features.  Here is an excerpt from her blog post:

There are three main improvements included in Flex.  They are:

  • Integrated Conceptual and Numerical Modeling
  • Design and Simulate Multiple Grids
  • Manage Multiple Model Scenarios

Integrated Conceptual and Numerical Modeling

The “conceptual model” concept is basically a GIS-like model, freed from the constraints of grid based geometry.  One of the main goal of Flex seems to be freeing up the user from needing supporting software, such as a GIS or geostatistical programs.  It incorporates many of those functions, and thus a modeler can focus on modeling rather than learning a bunch of random programs to get the input data into decent shape.

Design and Simulate Multiple Grids

The user can make multiple grids for MODFLOW and FEFLOW from same conceptual model, or FEFLOW.

Manage Multiple Model Scenarios

At first I didn’t really get the point of managing multiple scenarios.  Most of us just save versions of the same models with slightly different names.  But then I started thinking about what a pain this is, especially if you are tweaking a parameter for calibration, and generating several copies of the same model.  When you come back the next day, you have a folder full of  models with similar names. You have to figure out which one actually worked the best by opening them independently and comparing them.  It can get a bit confusing, and this program is correcting that problem.  The software also makes it easy to roll back changes. For example, it’s easy revert to coarser grid after making a change.


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