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An Easier Way to Share Environmental Data and Collaborate Online

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Sharing your environmental data with colleagues, whether they’re down the hall or across the globe, can be a time consuming and frustrating endeavor. Large file sizes, incompatible formatting, or inability to access the appropriate software can make collaborating on projects a nightmare. Hydro GeoAnalyst now offers online sharing, allowing you to share your data quickly, easily and securely – even with others who don’t have the program.

How to Share Your Environmental Data with Hydro GeoAnalyst

You can find this option by selecting Project > Online Sharing in the Hydro GeoAnalyst main window.

On the first tab you can provide some general information regarding the project.

Hydro GeoAnalyst - First Tab General Info

The second tab allows you to select a data query to display station information.

Hydro GeoAnalyst - Select Query for Station Information

The third tab allows you to select a query to display any additional data that is important for your project (for example chemical concentration information).

Hydro GeoAnalyst - Query to Display Additional Data

And the fourth tab allows you to select layers from any of the maps in your project that you wish to share. These will be presented using interactive GoogleMaps. Additionally, any water level information for the points layers you select from the map will be included in the Online Sharing output. You have an option to specify if you want a specific date range for the water levels or simply include all water levels. This will be displayed as water level elevations in Hydro GeoAnalyst Online when you select a station on the Map.

Hydro GeoAnalyst - Select Layers for Sharing

Once you have made all your selections, you will have 3 options to publish the data. You can:

  • Save locally on your computer – this will provide you with a folder of HTML and associated files that you can email to others for review
  • Upload to your own public ftp site
  • Upload it to a secure FTP site hosted by Waterloo Hydrogeologic – free of charge.


Click here to learn more about Hydro GeoAnalyst and download a free trial.

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