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Exchanging Data and Models Between Visual MODFLOW Flex and VMOD Classic

/, Visual MODFLOW Flex/Exchanging Data and Models Between Visual MODFLOW Flex and VMOD Classic

As more of you adopt Visual MODFLOW Flex for your groundwater modeling projects, we’re receiving questions about how to exchange data and model files between Visual MODFLOW Flex and VMOD Classic interfaces. There are some features that are still being developed for Visual MODFLOW Flex, such as PEST, Transport, and MODFLOW-SURFACT. In order to use these features, you must switch over to the VMOD Classic interface. When you hold a license for Visual MODFLOW Flex this also entitles you to a license of the VMOD Classic interface. To help explain many of the options that are available, we put together a brief Tips Document.

Bringing Files From Visual MODFLOW Flex into VMOD Classic


In short, you start by building your conceptual model in Visual MODFLOW Flex, applying one or more numerical grids, and generating the numerical model. At the Translation step, Visual MODFLOW Flex generates standard MODFLOW package files, which can be imported into VMOD Classic.

In VMOD Classic, you can adjust your model (add Transport, re-calibrate using PEST, etc.) and generate a new set of results. Visual MODFLOW Classic offers a number of export options, including Surfer .GRD, Polygon or Polyline Shapefiles, and 3D Gridded Data.

Learn more about the export options available in VMOD Classic.

Transferring Model Results from VMOD Classic into Visual MODFLOW Flex

Visual MODFLOW Flex has a number of Data Import options, allowing you to bring in the model results from VMOD Classic; these include Import Polylines/Polygons (Shapefiles), Surfaces (Surfer .GRD), or 3D Gridded Data (TecPlot .DAT).

Learn more about the importing options available in VMOD Flex. The resulting data objects can be visualized in 2D and 3D alongside your conceptual models and field data.

If you have any suggestions for additional data formats, please send us your comments via our support team: support@waterloohydrogeologic.com

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