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Do You Have an Environmental Data Management Strategy?

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In a recent survey of Mining and Oil & Gas industry professionals, over 61% of participants felt their organization is currently placing a greater focus on groundwater data management than ever before. However, only 54% indicated they are ‘somewhat satisfied’ with their current data management strategy. Surprisingly, no one felt they were ‘very satisfied’ with their existing strategy.

In an industry where regulatory compliance requirements and environmental legislation are constantly changing, and huge quantities of data are often stored in numerous locations in multiple formats, you may end up spending more time organizing your data than analyzing it. By developing a data management strategy, specific to your company’s needs, that maintains data in a consistent format across the organization, you can easily decrease the amount of time, money, and frustration invested into each project.

We asked survey participants which features they value most when considering an environmental data management solution. The features that topped the list were:

  • Mapping and GIS Capabilities
  • Analysis and Visualization
  • Querying Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Data Capture
  • Integration with Multiple Data Repositories

Hydro GeoAnalyst is an all-in-one data management software that integrates many of these features with a centralized, flexible and robust environmental database. When included as part of your data management strategy, Hydro GeoAnalyst can save you significant time and frustration, and give you a better understanding of your environmental data. If you’d like to discuss your own environmental data management plan, or to learn more about some of the Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s products that can help you get started, please contact our Sales Team at sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com.

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