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AquaChem v.2012.1 Officially Released

//, Water Quality Analysis/AquaChem v.2012.1 Officially Released

AquaChem v.2012.1 provides enhancements, stability improvements and bug fixes related to trend analyses, plot reporting, geochemical modeling with PHREEQC and summary statistics. In addition, AquaChem v.2012.1 now provides the option to easily integrate with Hydro GeoAnalyst software for advanced data management capabilities, powerful visualization tools and enterprise workflows.

Stability Improvements, Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Please refer to the AquaChem Readme file for a full list of improvements and defects addressed in the v.2012.1 release.

Seamless Integration with Hydro GeoAnalyst v.2012.1

AquaChem v.2012.1 can now connect directly to a Hydro GeoAnalyst SQL Server database. This integration allows you to easily scale your AquaChem project to a more complete data management system that provides secure, centralized, multi-user access to your geochemical, groundwater and environmental data.  Hydro GeoAnalyst also provides additional data visualization, interpretation and reporting tools.  Click here to learn more about Hydro GeoAnalyst.

Download the Latest Version

Download a free trial AquaChem.

About AquaChem

AquaChem is the most comprehensive software package for analyzing, plotting and reporting water quality data.

  • Analyze and report aqueous geochemistry of municipal groundwater supply wells
  • Report analytical lab results of samples from contaminated sites
  • Manage water quality data from landfills
  • Identify mineralization trends for mining exploration
  • Analyze and plot water quality data with over 25 different plotting techniques
  • Identify water quality guideline exceedances

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