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Las Vegas Groundwater Modeling Course a Resounding Success

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Back in June, groundwater professionals from around the globe gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada for “The New MODFLOW Course: Theory and Hands On Applications” – a comprehensive 4-day groundwater modeling short course presented by Princeton Groundwater and the National Ground Water Association.

Through a series of lectures and hands-on lab exercises, students learned the theory behind MODFLOW-2005 and its related programs (MODPATH, ZoneBudget, MT3D, and RT3D), and gained practical experience developing three-dimensional groundwater flow and transport models using Visual MODFLOW Premium (includes MT3D99, SAMG and WinPEST).

The course also demonstrated how to use:

  • Three-dimensional numerical models with proper grid designs, parameterization, boundary conditions and site hydrogeologic conceptualization
  • Modeling results to observe field data (heads, flows and concentrations)
  • MODPATH to model three-dimensional particle tracking for capture zone delineation
  • ZoneBudget to assess subregional water budgets within the model domain
  • MT3D to model the natural attenuation of contaminants
  • WinPEST to improve model calibration and assess uncertainty

The course overall was well received by participants and many offered enthusiastic feedback at the end of the course.

“I now have a much better understanding of how groundwater models work, their problems and strengths, and a good understanding of setting up the model”

“I learned some tricks/tips for using Visual MODFLOW. Knowing more about the history/use of MODFLOW is very useful”

“Excellent, approachable instructors with practical experience really made this course successful. The labs were pretty well designed”

“Excellent instruction – well coordinated, extreme expertise, great examples and anecdotes. Excellent instruction package, organized, step-by-step and great references”

If you are looking for MODFLOW-based groundwater modeling training and were unable to attend this course, there is good news. The “New MODFLOW Course: Theory and Hands-on Applications” is being offered again on September 11-14, 2012 in Princeton, New Jersey.

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