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Hydro GeoAnalyst User Base Continues to Grow in 2012

///Hydro GeoAnalyst User Base Continues to Grow in 2012

2012 was a great year for Hydro GeoAnalyst! The stellar 2012 release made Hydro GeoAnalyst a must have product for environmental professionals. It includes the new electronic data delivery (EDD) import workflow for faster, more accurate data entry. Additionally, the online sharing options allow Hydro GeoAnalyst users to share project data easily with stakeholders. Hydro GeoAnalyst sales showed an 87% increase in new license purchases from the previous year.

Sales of all Hydro GeoAnalyst new licenses and upgrades surpassed the previous year demonstrating the ever increasing user base that now spans thousands of users in 80 different countries. It is plain to see that Hydro GeoAnalyst is the environmental data management software of choice by environmental practitioners worldwide including companies such as Vale, the Environmental Agency in Abu Dhabi, the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority.

We are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013 this month. This new version will amaze our existing users with the new Event Planning module. This is module is designed to make planning field events fast and easy thereby making the data collected more effective and organized. Also available are new printing options that leverage the use of Excel TM and PowerPoint TM templates to make printing simple and straightforward.

Click here to learn more about Hydro GeoAnalyst and to download a free trial.

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