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What’s New in Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013

•Event Planning – this new module ensures that your field activities are always completed correctly and on time. Easily create multiple schedules for various stations and then create event plans that outline the details of your field activities including stations to be sampled, data to be collected, field checklists and more. Event plans are automatically converted into reports which can be printed and given to field personnel. Hydro GeoAnalyst keeps track of all your event plans and automatically reminds you in advance when scheduled field activities are due.

•Print Borehole Log Plots to PowerPoint TM – Need to print out your Borehole Log Plots (BHLPSs) fast? Use the Print BHLP to PowerPoint TM feature available on the Well Profile tab. A borehole log for each station in the currently selected station group will be printed to a slide in a PowerPoint TM presentation so you can simply print them out. If you would prefer to customize your own template – you can build it yourself by simply adding a query to a base printing template!

•Print to Excel TM – Push your HGA queries and data tables to Excel TM templates for quick and easy printing. You can also push HGA queries to Excel TM templates for charting your time series data – all ready for printing. All Excel TM templates are easily customized by you.

•Start Page – When first launching HGA 2013 we have added a Start Page to help you do common tasks such as creating a new project or opening an existing project – even installing the Demo Project. There is also a lot of valuable information such as; what’s new in the latest version, links to online resources including “how to” videos to help you learn about the new features more quickly, and links to our Technical Support staff to make it easier to ask questions and report issues.

•Updated Query Builder – Our new Query Builder has been redesigned to make it easier for you to generate queries. You no longer need to manually trigger SQL statement generation – instead we do that automatically as you design your query. We also added an autocomplete tool to assist you to write out your own SQL statements.

•Updated List Editor – We have revised the List Editor which now includes a data model tree to make it easier to find the database field you want to make a list for. If you are making a list associated with images we have included a quick and easy import based on image files.

•Updated Material Specification – Now supports quick and easy import of material image files.

•Support for SQL Server TM 2012 – Hydro GeoAnanlyst supports Microsoft SQL ServerTM 2012 and continues to support SQL ServerTM 2008R2. We have also included the option to easily and automatically install a SQL ServerTM 2012 Local DB as an alternative to a more lengthy full SQL Server installation.

•SQL Server Authentication – When connecting to your project database you can now choose the mode of authentication to be used, either Windows Authentication or now SQL Server Authentication.

•User Interface Improvements – We have made a number of notable interface improvements, including the ability to Show/Hide/Dock your Project Tree to maximize use of screen space and undock any tab-based modules out of the main Hydro GeoAnalyst window. This you are able to take full advantage of multiple displays and monitors! You can now create folders for grouping on additional branches of the Project tree (such as Station Groups, Maps, etc.) as well as an option to filter your project tree for easy searching.

•Many other improvments and fixes!

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