Visual MODFLOW Flex v.2013.1 Update

Build 1.0.463.1 (September 2013)


  • import transport boundary conditions when importing a VMOD Classic .VMF file project
  • import concentration observation well data when importing a VMOD Classic .VMF project
  • fixed incorrect BT3 translation for initial concentrations for models that have inactive cells
  • PEST translation, in some cases observations were not converted to the correct layer

Build 1.0.437.1 (June 2013)


  • added support for defining and running transport models using MT3DMS
  • enabled the Create Numerical Grid step, with options to define the grid extents and define layer elevations (constant value) or with surfaces
  • improved the selection of workflow windows and viewer windows, with a “tab” approach across the top of the main window
  • added option to define the layer order in 2D Layer views (and move layers up, down, to top and to the bottom)
  • improved PEST Excel charting options.

Full list of improvements is available in the online readme

Defects Addressed:

Several bugs have been addressed in this new build. For a full list of changes, please consult the online readme

Visual MODFLOW Classic Updates Also Available:

Visual MODFLOW Classic, Build 163 is also available. Full list of changes is available in the online readme.

If you have valid software maintenance, please contact our Techsupport team ( for download instructions.

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