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Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 Released

/, Visual MODFLOW Flex/Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 Released


Waterloo Hydrogeologic is excited to announce the release of Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 groundwater modeling software. The new release delivers high-performance contaminant transport engines with enhanced 2D/3D visualization for accurate, robust and efficient simulations of groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

What’s New in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1?

Contaminant Transport Modeling

Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 introduces support for MT3DMS – an industry standard transport engine used for simulating advection, dispersion/diffusion, and chemical reactions of contaminants in groundwater flow systems.  Easily define MT3DMS inputs and configure engine settings in the intuitive workflow-driven user interface, and visualize rich 2D/3D renderings of results, including concentration plume migrations.

Improved Performance for Maximum Efficiency

Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 brings advances in computing performance and 2D/3D model visualization, including support for 64-bit MT3DMS and an enhanced graphics engine for smooth user interaction with highly detailed model renderings. With full 64-bit support, Visual MODFLOW Flex can accommodate larger transport models with high resolution MODFLOW grid configurations, and deliver accurate results in less time.

Multi-Model Uncertainty Analysis

With Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1, multiple transport models can be easily created in parallel within a single project and compared side-by-side for evaluating various remediation strategies, alternative hypotheses and different grid configurations.

Classic Numerical Modeling Workflows

Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 offers increased flexibility with support for the classic numerical modeling workflow.  This modeling approach begins with grid design and requires manual assignment of properties and boundary conditions (as in Visual MODFLOW Classic). This approach is ideal for models with simple geology, and basic properties and boundary conditions.

Learn more about Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013.1 

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