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MODFLOW-USG Webinar Series Announced

/, MODFLOW-USG, Visual MODFLOW Flex/MODFLOW-USG Webinar Series Announced

Waterloo Hydrogeologic is pleased to announce a free two-part webinar series on the new MODFLOW-USG (Unstructured Grids) groundwater flow simulation code.  Part one will take place on Wednesday, October 2 2013 and will be hosted by guest presenter and lead author of MODFLOW-USG, Sorab Panday.  Dr. Panday will kick things off by introducing participants to the various features, functionalities and capabilities of MODFLOW-USG .  A week later on Wednesday, October 9 2013, Wayne Hesch, Product Champion of Visual MODFLOW Flex, will provide an overview and live demonstration of the MODFLOW-USG implementation in Visual MODFLOW Flex groundwater modeling software.

Webinar Topics

SESSION 1: Introduction to MODFLOW-USG (1 hour)

  • Summary of the features, functionalities and capabilities of MODFLOW-USG
  • Overview of the benefits and advantages over finite difference versions of MODFLOW (MODFLOW-2005,-NWT,-LGR etc)

SESSION 2: MODFLOW-USG & Visual MODFLOW Flex (1 hour)

  • Walk-through of MODFLOW-USG implementation in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.1
  • Live demonstration of groundwater flow simulation in Visual MODFLOW Flex using MODFLOW-USG

Who Should Attend?

  • Visual MODFLOW Users
  • Groundwater Modelers
  • Hydrogeologists and Groundwater Specialists
  • Environmental Project Managers
  • GIS Specialists

About the Presenters

Sorab Panday, Ph.D., AMEC. Dr. Panday is the lead author of MODFLOW-USG and will introduce participants to the various features, functionalities and capabilities of MODFLOW-USG. He brings 23 years of experience and leadership in water resource and contaminant transport modeling. His expertise includes development of state-of-the-art simulation model codes and customized solutions for environmental flow and transport investigations. Dr. Panday is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo.

Wayne Hesch, B.Sc. is the Senior Product Champion for Visual MODFLOW, at Waterloo Hydrogeologic. Wayne has completed his Bachelor of Science Degree at University of Waterloo, and the Environmental Engineering Program at Conestoga College. Wayne has taught courses on conceptual modeling, groundwater modeling, and water quality data management for more than 7 years, for public and private organizations at venues around the world.

About MODFLOW-USG (UnStructured Grids)

MODFLOW-USG is a new version of the groundwater flow code MODFLOW that uses UnStructured Grids. An unstructured grid provides flexibility to a MODFLOW simulation by enabling use of triangular, rectangular or other polygon shaped geometries individually or in combination, to appropriately discretize the domain. This is in contrast to traditional MODFLOW which uses structured, rectilinear grids. An unstructured grid paradigm further allows 3D, 2D, and 1D cell combinations to include other flow processes such as discrete fracture networks into the groundwater flow model.

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