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Introducing Mobile Field Data Collection for Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013

///Introducing Mobile Field Data Collection for Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013

Reliable, up-to-date field data is critical for effective decision making and successful management of groundwater resources and environmental projects.   Unfortunately, traditional data collection methods that employ pen and paper often lead to accidental data loss and transcription errors, resulting in cost overruns, productivity loss, delayed analyses and ineffective decision making.

Mobile Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) available with Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013 provide a faster, easier and more reliable way to collect data in the field.  With Mobile EDDs, there is no need to take your pen and paper into the field to collect data, or transcribe handwritten notes when you return to the office.  Now you can easily collect field data using your iOS™ or Android™ mobile device.  Your collected data is transmitted securely over the internet and downloaded directly into Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013.

What are Mobile Electronic Data Deliverables?

Mobile Electronic Data Deliverables are web-based data entry forms that can be accessed over the internet from your smart phone or tablet internet browser. Mobile EDDs let you replace your paper-based processes with easy-to-use web forms, eliminating the need to record or transcribe handwritten field notes. Field data is entered directly on your iOS or Android mobile device, downloaded directly into your environmental database and analyzed instantly.

Why Use Mobile Electronic Data Deliverables?

  • Improve Accuracy and Data Quality: Eliminate transcription and data entry errors by capturing, submitting and validating field data electronically.
  • Maximize Efficiency and Productivity:Mobile EDDs let you replace your paper-based processes with easy-to-use web forms, eliminating the need to record or transcribe handwritten field notes. Captured data can be imported and analyzed instantly.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Mobile EDDs are securely transferred over the web and will never get lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Increase Data Consistency: Data input fields can be assigned pick lists with predefined values which ensure field technicians enter data consistently and accurately.
  • Reduce Labor Costs: Realize cost savings with reduced transcription and data entry labour requirements.

How does it work?

1. Create an EDD template Using Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013

You begin by creating a new EDD template in Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013 using the EDD Template Designer. The EDD template specifies the various fields in your database for which data is to be collected in the field. Simply drag and drop the desired fields from your database to create your EDD template.


2. Publish the EDD Template to the Web

Once you have created and saved the EDD template, you can then publish it securely to the web. The secure Waterloo Hydrogeologic FTP server can be used free-of-charge. Alternatively, you may use your own private FTP server to publish the Mobile EDD template.


Once the EDD is published, Hydro GeoAnalyst will provide the web link of the the location of the published EDD template. You will use this web link to access the Mobile EDD on your smart phone or tablet device.


Selecting the Email.. button will allow you to email the web link to your mobile inbox where it can be conveniently accessed from your tablet or smart phone.

3. Access the Mobile EDD from your smart phone or tablet device

Open the provided web link in your smart phone or tablet internet browser to load your Mobile EDD. Now you are ready to start collecting data in the field.


Swipe down the page to see the list of stations in your Mobile EDD.   Tap a station name to enter data for that station.


4. Collect and enter field data into the Mobile EDD

Once you have selected a station, the corresponding tables and data fields will display.  Across the top are the tables you have added to your EDD template.  When a table is selected, its corresponding fields will display below. For each station in your EDD template, you can enter data into the data fields. Some data fields, like Soil Type, will have a pick list from which you can select a value. This ensures consistency and improves data integrity when entering field data.


5. Submit your Mobile EDD

When you have finished your round of field work and all data has been entered into the mobile EDD, you can submit the captured data back to the server.   An internet or wireless data connection is required for this step.


6. Download and import into Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013

After submiting your Mobile EDD to the server, it can then be downloaded and imported directly into Hydro GeoAnalyst 2013 using the Import > Mobile Data option.  Before the import process, your data is automatically validated and checked for errors and inconsistencies.


7. Analyze, interpret and visualize your data

Once imported into your Hydro GeoAnalyst database, you can now analyze your data using Hydro GeoAnlayst’s suite of interpretation and visualization tools.



Download a free trial of Hydro GeoAnalyst and try it yourself



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