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Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.1 Update (Build Released

/, Visual MODFLOW Flex/Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.1 Update (Build Released

A software update is now available for Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.1. Build addresses various defects and stability issues.

Addressed in Visual MODFLOW Flex 2014.1 (Build

The following issues are fixed in this update:

  • Problems importing 3D Gridded Data Object, TecPlot .DAT file format
  • PEST utilities were being flagged as potential virus threat on certain virus scanners
  • Inactive cells were showing up incorrectly in all layers of the model, instead of the specified layers
  • When using initial heads from a previous MODFLOW run, if the model contained inactive cells, the heads were not rendered correctly in the results
  • In some cases there was a problem using a .HDS file from a previous MODFLOW run for initial heads, when cycling between multiple projects
  • An error would occur when defining a new property zone with a polygon, after doing conversion from the conceptual model
  • Unable to create horizons for surfaces that have undefined values around the edges
  • When import polygon as .DXF format, in some cases the file would not load as a closed polygon

To obtain the update, please contact our technical support team at support@waterloohydrogeologic.com.

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