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AquiferTest 2014 Released

///AquiferTest 2014 Released

Waterloo Hydrogeologic is pleased to announce the release of AquiferTest Pro 2014.1 pumping and slug test analysis software.   The new release delivers support for the Lugeon test analysis and interpretation – an industry standard in-situ packer test designed for estimating the hydraulic conductivity of fractured rock formations.

AquiferTest Pro 2014.1 accelerates Lugeon test data interpretation and analysis with interactive diagnostic plots.  Users simply select the plot that best matches their field data and AquiferTest Pro automatically calculates the appropriate Lugeon values based on industry standard references.   Test results can be easily formatted into professional quality report templates that include borehole geometry, field equipment configuration, test results, and Lugeon test analysis and interpretation diagrams.

All Lugeon test calculations are performed automatically by AquiferTest Pro 2014.1, allowing users to focus on analysis and interpretation while eliminating errors related to manual calculations and unit conversions.   Multiple interpretations can be easily created and compared for an enhanced understanding of fractured rock properties and increased reliability of test data.

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