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Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014 Released

///Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014 Released

Waterloo Hydrogeologic is pleased to announce the release of Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014 environmental data management, analysis and visualization software. The 2014 release delivers new capabilities that streamline environmental data management, allowing groundwater professionals, consultants and government agencies to increase efficiency, reduce costs and realize the full value of their environmental and water resources data.

What’s new in Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014?

Redesigned Template Manager

The new Template Manager makes it easy to fully customize your environmental database structure to suit your specific project. Easily add, remove and edit tables and fields with an improved user interface. The new Template Manager now allows you to add fields that store hyperlinks to documents and external websites, as well as tables that store non-station data (water quality standards, water permit data, employee information, etc.).

Streamlined data importing

Quickly and easily import raw data from any file type and third-party database with a new streamlined Data Transfer System that guides you through the data import process step-by-step.

Create new projects with ease

The New Project Wizard has been simplified to make it easier to create and set-up new projects.

Flexible data storage options

Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014 introduces a new local database option for storing your environmental data. This option is ideal for smaller projects because it doesn’t require a full-fledged SQL Server instance and your database can reside locally on your workstation.

Advanced data analysis with Excel pivot tables

Easily export any data query directly to a formatted Excel pivot table for advanced data analysis and reporting.

Download a free  trial of Hydro GeoAnalyst.

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