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Hydro GeoAnalyst Online: An Easy Way To Share Environmental Data Across the Globe

///Hydro GeoAnalyst Online: An Easy Way To Share Environmental Data Across the Globe

Hydro GeoAnalyst environmental data management and visualization software offers many ways to share environmental data analyses with colleagues, stakeholders and clients. One of the most powerful ways to share your environmental data is through the online sharing option. This is particularly useful when you want to share project information with someone who does not have a license of Hydro GeoAnalyst. The following information can be easily exported to a local file folder, a public FTP site or the Waterloo Hydrogeologic FTP site (at no cost) and securely viewed within any modern internet browser:

Project Details


Query Results


Map Layers (Points, Lines and Polygons)


Water Levels


The online sharing option can be accessed within Hydro GeoAnalyst by selecting Project > Online Sharing. You will be prompted to provide general information about the project and to select the information you wish to share including stations, data queries, maps and/or water levels. If you choose to share the data via the secure (and free) Waterloo Hydrogeologic ftp site, you will receive a unique link to the location of the project which can then be passed to colleagues or customers as needed.


Learn more:

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Visit the Hydro GeoAnalyst Home Page for more information.

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