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Visual MODFLOW Flex v.2014.2 Update

Build 2.1.300.0 (November 2014)


  • Long processing time for .CSV editing and re-loading for a General Head Boundary condition group (MODFLOW-2000/2005)
  • After converting conceptual model to numerical model for a General Head boundary condition assigned to the sides of the model domain, conductance value was being incorrectly calculated as 0 (MODFLOW-2000/2005)
  • Empty attribute data contained in the .csv file of river boundary after converting to a numerical model (MODFLOW-2000/2005) (project-specific)
  • Transport charts not showing up for models that used rotated grid (MODFLOW-2000/2005)
  • Transport charts not showing up when a grid cell contained more than one observation point (XY) (MODFLOW-2000/2005)
  • After refining a MODFLOW-2000/2005 grid, layer elevations were not re-calculated correctly.
  • Error when running animation for conceptual model structure in 3D view.
  • Error in converting the Specified Flux conceptual boundary condition (assigned to the sides of model domain) to numerical model (MODFLOW-2000/2005)
  • Translation error “The given key was not present in the dictionary” for certain projects. (MODFLOW-2000/2005)
  • Data operations, unable to assign the Z values of a polygon from the selected surface
  • Fixed Airport-Transport tutorial solution project files (previously was showing error when loading and also at the Translation step)

v.2014.2 Release – Build (July 2014)


  • Define New Zone Budget zones using Point, Polyline, and Polygon. (Available for MODFLOW-2000 and 2005)
  • Define Wall (HFB) boundary condition. (Available for MODFLOW-2000 and 2005)
  • Improved Options for Defining/Removing Particles
  • Show water table for structured MODFLOW models (plan, XS, 3D view). (Available for MODFLOW-2000 and 2005)
  • Edit numerical property zones or boundary condition attributes in CSV format, and reload back into the numerical model.
  • User-defined color classifications for color rendering (Heads, Conductivity, etc.)
  • Improved coloring of property/recharge zones, when render by ZoneID
  • Export chart data to CSV file
  • Support for rotated numerical grids in numerical workflow (when create new grids, for MODFLOW-2000 and 2005)
  • Improved usability for workflows (better defaults when importing models or generating numerical models from conceptual models)
  • Fix the default zoom level for the 2D (layer view) in the Flex Viewer, when at the View/Grid step and View/BC step (in MODFLOW-2000,2005 workflows)
  • Create the Grid Specification File (GSF) during MODFLOW-USG translation (reserved for future development, including MODPATH-3DU and PEST)
  • Export pathlines to polyline shapefiles
  • Add option to assign new Specified Flux Boundary (assign / polyline, assign/polygon), in the numerical workflow (Available for MODFLOW-2000, 2005)
  • When show unstructured grids in 3D viewer, added option to view the cell geometry as smoothed continuous surfaces (and not discrete flat top/bottoms)
  • At the Define Boundary Condition step in numerical workflow, added option to create numerical boundary condition from existing data objects (polygon, polyline), (excludes Well objects.) (Available for MODFLOW-2000 and 2005)
  • Improvement in the way time schedules are handled for boundary conditions, to catch boundary conditions that have start/end times that are inconsistent with other boundary conditions.

Several bug fixes. Please see the Readme file for more details.

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