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v.2015.1 Release – Build 3.0.507.4 (June 2015)


  • Added support for MODFLOW-NWT
  • New options for precise cell assignment and editing: assign/single and assign/polygon for properties and inactive cells in the numerical model; new option to assign inactive cells spanning multiple layers
  • Copy boundary conditions to other layers in the model
  • Improved handling of pumping wells facilitates assigning, editing, and visualization.
  • New options to import, view and edit pumping and observation well time series data using relative times. 
  • Enhanced options for Particle Tracking: define pathline travel time and time marker frequency
  • Improved GUI layout provides short-cuts and offers more working area for the numerical model views
  • Numerous other improvements; see the Readme file for more details.

Please email Technical Support to see if you are eligible to receive this update.


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