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Waterloo Hydrogeologic Releases HGA 2016.1

///Waterloo Hydrogeologic Releases HGA 2016.1

Waterloo Hydrogeologic is very excited to launch Hydro GeoAnalyst 2016.1

We’ve added amazing new features to make this release the most flexible, efficient and effective tool for managing your vast amounts of site data.

Check out these great new features:

•New Scene Viewer displays your project data in 3D quicker and easier than ever before. This great new feature also supports visualization of deviated (non-vertical) wells.

•Updated Well Profile replaces the Borehole Log Plotter (BHLP), and provides better performance when working with larger data sets, and now supports displaying deviated wells by automatically calculating true vertical depth based on inclination values.

•Redesigned Quick Checker validates field data against your EDD templates. This stand-alone module now has simpler installation and set-up.

Check out our website for more details – HGA 2016.1

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