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Need Help Teaching Groundwater Modeling Concepts to New Students?

///Need Help Teaching Groundwater Modeling Concepts to New Students?

If you are part of an academic or research institution, Waterloo Hydrogeologic has tools, information, and staff who can help you teach and illustrate the theory and hands-on application of groundwater modeling and other hydrogeological principles.

Sample Course Curriculum

Any organization with a current valid educational license of our software can request access to teaching aids, lectures, and lab exercises that are easily incorporated into their existing curriculum.

Teaching general courses in hydrogeology,  geochemistry, or water supply instead of groundwater modeling ?  Don’t worry.  We can help with those too!

We also have lecture and lab material available based on our other software applications: AquaChem, AquiferTest, and Hydro GeoAnalyst, which can help demonstrate fundamental concepts related to geochemistry, aquifer storage and recovery, site characterization, and concepts related to compliance reporting.

You can find out more about your options by visiting our Academic Offierings page, or by contacting us at sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com.

Not comfortable teaching from our prepared material?  We also offer certified instructors and can teach courses on your behalf –  you can find out more by visiting our Groundwater Academy.


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