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Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.0 – A Webinar to remember

//Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.0 – A Webinar to remember


With over 50 attendees spanning over 3 different time zones, the Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.0 release webinar event was a huge success! Everyone who attended, had one thing in common, they were all excited about our latest and most advanced release of Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.0. With this new upgrade release, we are getting closer than an ever to a complete migration from the Classic to the updated Flex interface. We integrated the features and functionalities that our users loved in the Classic, into Flex including, flexible Grid Creation, advanced Post-Creation Editing, Properties and Boundary Condition updates, USG workflow improvements, high-level Regional and Local Model support as well as increased Import and Export features.

Stay tuned for our next series of webinars early next year.

-Jacob George, Training Specialist


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