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Why Choose Our Software?

Excellent question! We know you have plenty of options when it comes to environmental software, and we want to make the choice easy for you.

Developing easy-to-use and comprehensive environmental software is what we do. It started in 1989 when Waterloo Hydrogeologic released FLOWPATH, the first fully integrated, graphical modeling software package in the industry. Now we offer FOUR complete software packages that will make your work easier, faster, and visually impressive. Our products will save you time and money, and will give your team the ability to manage large amounts of data with ease.

And here’s the BEST part – You can save 20%  now on our four main software packages during our Semi-Annual Software Sale.

Our sales team are the best in the biz and are happy to share why you SHOULD choose our software! Reach our team at sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com


About the Author:

Jennifer is the Marketing Communications Specialist for Waterloo Hydrogeologic.