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Trouble Shooting Trial License Issues

///Trouble Shooting Trial License Issues

From time to time, the trial download likes to test your patience.  We’ve got some tips and hints to help you along.

The very first thing to know when installing software is do you have the proper permissions to do so?  Always consult with your in-house IT department or network administrator before doing so.  Some organizations require the software to be “allowed” through the firewall.  If it is a personal machine, odds are you will not need to worry about permissions.  If your machine does not appear to be installing the trial VIA the “Download Trial” button, here are a few things to consider and try.

If you have installed a trial in the last 6 months, you can only trial again AFTER the 6 month time period.  If the trial appears to install but will not launch, remove the installed trial, install the desired software from the link blow, launch the software and select “Start Trial” on the activation screen.


Flex: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/visual-modflow-flex-getting-started/

Classic: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/visual-modflow-classic-getting-started/

HGA: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/hydro-geoanalyst-getting-started/

AquaChem: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/aquachem-getting-started/

AquiferTest: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/aquifertest-getting-started/


Finally, if none of the above can get you up and running, please email us with a little information on why you’d like to trial our software and we would be happy to help you further.

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