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Issues with Auto Activation or “Request License”

///Issues with Auto Activation or “Request License”

Is the license file gate keeper denying your request for activation of YOUR software?!  We’ve got your back and got you covered. 


Automated activation of software is not uncommon.  Waterloo Hydrogeologic is no different.  When you purchase our software, you are given the opportunity to activate the automated way using your product serial number.  This will usually work without issue.  Sometimes though, for a variety of resons, it can fail.  An Activation Request Zip will be generated when it does for you to send to us.  All the appropriate information is supposed to be contained in that zip file.  Sometimes though, it is not.  To get you activated faster, please provide the below information when sending the zip.  Or, if you do not have email on the machine you are activating on, send an email from another machine and include the below.  Providing the below information will allow us to manually generate the license file and send it off to you sooner.

-First off, always provide your Product Serial Number.

-For Stand Alone licenses, include the IP address of the machine you are trying to activate on.  This can be done by opening the command prompt and typing getmac.

-For Team licenses, always provide the MAC addaress and IP address (actual IP, not server name) of the License Manager Machine 

-For Dongle licenses, always provide the RLMID (rlmid=xxxxxxx).

If you are still stuck, feel free to reach out to us for further technical support at licensing@waterloohydrogeologic

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