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Overcome the Visual MODFLOW Flex Error “The Feature is not available with your license”

///Overcome the Visual MODFLOW Flex Error “The Feature is not available with your license”

Did you know that users with a premium or professional license are entitled to install the 64-bit version of Visual MODFLOW Flex? It’s true!  On occasion, we have had users who upon successful activation of Visual MODFLOW Flex will encounter the error:

“The feature “Visual MODFLOW 64 bit” is not available with your license. To upgrade or learn more, please contact us at ……”

See the link below for the pop up error message.

VMOD Flex feature not available


To get Visual MODFLOW Flex to work:

  • Select the Visual MODLOW Flex icon on the desktop
  • Right-click
  • Select ‘Run As Administrator’

Why this happens

If you installed the application as an Administrator but you are getting this error, it is likely that the corporate group policy set on the Administrator account does not have permission to access certain features of Visual MODFLOW Flex.  Typically, read/write access for the current user, to one of the following paths is denied:

  • C:\ProgramData\VisualMODFLOWFlex
  • C:\Users\***Current User***\AppData\Roaming\Visual MODFLOW Flex

If the current user is granted read/write permission, this should resolve the issue.

Please contact your IT department to address these permissions.

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