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A Support Tip – “EAccess” Error

///A Support Tip – “EAccess” Error
Putting this error in its place is as easy as showing the machine YOU are in charge!  This is an error we see from time to time.  Generally we have found that if the software is not being run while logged on as Administrator, the EAccess error or errors similar to the EAccess Violation seem to keep appearing. We generally advise having local Administrator rights to run the software. However, if you are unable to obtain local admin rights, you may consider requesting the following permissions from your IT Team. You would need to be granted “full control” to the following folders:


  1. Visual MODFLOW program folder (likely located in your Program Files)
  2. Visual MODFLOW project folder (such as the Demo folder located in My Documents)
  3. the license file (located in a hidden folder ProgramData or ApplicationData
  4. the “temp” folder.
Hope this helps and remember, you’re the boss…not the machine!
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