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Visual MODFLOW Importing Project Tips

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Worried that your project import isn’t going to flow easily into VisualMODFLOW?  Here are a few things to consider before getting started:

When importing projects into Visual MODFLOW, please consider the following suggestions:

·         Visual MODFLOW currently imports MODFLOW-2000 and MODFLOW-2005 Groundwater Flow process files only. Please ensure that your data set is in one of these formats.

          If the model data set is provided in a format from previous versions of MODFLOW (i.e. MODFLOW-88 or MODFLOW-96), you will first need to convert these files to MODFLOW-2000 format using the USGS conversion utility MF96to2K.EXE, and then import the converted data files into Visual MODFLOW. For detailed description, please refer to page 23-31 of the User’s Manual which can be downloaded at the link below:


        Conversion Tips: https://www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/help/vmod/index.html?vm_ch2_start3.htm

Please confirm that your .NAM or .MODFLOW.IN file does not contain unsupported packages. You may refer to “A.1.2 Numerical Model Input Files” on page 655 of the Visual MODFLOW Classic User’s Manual for a list of supported packages.

·         The .NAM or .MODFLOW.IN file must in the same format as shown in the figure below.








          NAM File Format Requirements:

The LIST file must be the first file noted

-Only SPACES can be used as a delimiter

The pathname to the file must be correct and complete, with no quotation marks

·         Please also make sure that your MODFLOW data set are being saved on a local drive instead of a network drive before import. Hope this helps!

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