The Return of the Year End Semi -Annual Sale

//The Return of the Year End Semi -Annual Sale

There is nothing better than buying something that you were going to have to purchase anyhow, only to find out it is on sale! Everyone loves a great deal!

November 13,2017 marks the return of our Semi-Annual sales event.  An event so massive that not only will there be significant product announcements, you can also save money, as the Waterloo Hydrogeologic suite of products is on sale for a limited time.  On sale? How long does the sale last?  Great question!  From November 13 to December 22, 2017, you can save 20% off the MSRP of our world-renowned software solutions which includes, Visual MODFLOW Flex, AquaChem, AquiferTest and Hydro GeoAnalyst.

To quickly recap;

  • Semi-Annual sales event begins November 13,2017 and ends December 22, 2017.
  • Receive 20% off MSRP off software including, Visual MODFLOW Flex, AquaChem, AquiferTest and Hydro GeoAnalyst
  • Stayed tuned from important product announcements!

Please feel free to reach any of our sales professionals for further assistance with completing your software order at


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