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Commitment & Collaboration

//Commitment & Collaboration

At Waterloo Hydrogeologic, our sales team are committed to your needs through transparent and collaborative communication!

Direct communication between sales and our development team is paramount to our work. The process is simple: our sales team provide developers with feedback from our users, and the development teams use that information to update and improve our software.

Our goal is to be industry leaders in innovation and usability; to do this we need to listen to our clients and partners. Our clients are our main allies and they enable us to continue offering top-quality innovative software. We are also committed to supporting lifetime users of our products by offering training opportunities that give our clients hands-on experience and provide a deeper level of understanding of our powerful software.

With our semi-annual sale, we’re excited to offer our clients even more incentive to use our software! Together with our high-level maintenance offerings, we offer deep discounts on your individual software purchase. We do not want to do business only once, but we want to do continuous business.

Through a highly collaborative relationship with you, our valued user, we remain committed to your success and invite you to take advantage of our end-of-year sale campaign.

Let’s work together to create innovative and technologically advanced environmental solutions.

Please feel free to reach any of our sales professionals for further assistance with completing your software order at sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com


About the author: Juan Carlos Taborda
Juan Carlos is an integral part of Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s sales team. He is Territory Manager for Africa, Europe, Latin America/Oceania