As with software applications, errors are a way of life.  No matter however terrific a program is, errors still manage to appear.  One such error is the, “Can’t find name file C:\users\…. \MODFLOW\ProjectName or C\users\….\ MODFLOW \ProjectName.nam”

See below for more details.

Can’t find name file C:\Meadow_Projects\Mt_Muchinga\Numerical_Solution\VM\\MODFLOW\NumericalGrid1\Run3\MODFLOW-2005\Conceptual or C:\Meadow_Projects\Mt_Muchinga\Numerical_Solution\VM\\MODFLOW\NumericalGrid1\Run3\MODFLOW-2005\Conceptual.nam

This can happen if the project is saved on a network drive or the path to the project folder is quite long.

How to fix it?: Create a new folder. Move the MODFLOW model from its initial location to the new folder on desktop.  Make the model file path shorter. This will go a long way to helping out rectify this error message.

Hope this helps!