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Support Tip – Login Failed For User, Hydro GeoAnalyst

///Support Tip – Login Failed For User, Hydro GeoAnalyst

An error you may encounter while working in HGA

Error “ Login failed for user ‘XY\….username.. “ when creating a project

This happens when a client is working in HGA and tries to create a project. The series of errors is:

There was a problem while trying to create the new project

Error “ Login failed for user ‘CH\…..username. “


This usually happens when the user has dbcreator privileges and is attempting to create a project or install the Demo project. It does not matter whether the user logs in by SQL Server or Windows Authentication.

In order to resolve the issue, the user needs to be granted the “View any definition” permission. This can be done in SQLServer Management Studio by viewing the properties of the user login or role under the Security tab of a SQLServer instance.

HGA SQL Login Properties

It can also be accomplished through the following query, when connected to the SQLServer instance:

Grant VIEW ANY DEFINITION to [user]. Hope this helps!

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