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Support Tip – Opening an Old Classic Model in Flex 4.1

//Support Tip – Opening an Old Classic Model in Flex 4.1

We often get asked if old Classic Models can be opened in our latest version of Flex.  The answer, is yes.  Old Classic models open without issue in Flex 4.1 if you simply follow the below steps.  This also goes for old Flex models into new Flex. 

Please follow the below steps to open a Classic model in Flex.

 Open Flex:

  • Go to File>New Project (Name project as appropriate)

  • Select ‘Numerical Modelling’ from ‘Modelling Scenario

  • In Numerical Model   go to ‘Define Modeling Objectives by selecting

  • Enter Start Date when prompted

  • Select ‘Import Model’

  • Then browse to location of project file with .vmf extension.

 **As a side note, if the model is of significant age, there may be issues or you may not be able to at all.  We define “significant age” as 10 years old.  Also, our software is not backwards compatible.  Meaning if you create a model in the latest version and then try to open it with a previous version of the software, it will not work.

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