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Watershed Moments: Synergy Environmental Inc.

//Watershed Moments: Synergy Environmental Inc.

Two words that best describe Synergy Environmental Inc? Dedication and Innovation.

Founded in 1998, Synergy Environmental Inc. is a mid-size, full service environmental consulting company based out of Greater Philadelphia, PA. Servicing a variety of public and private sector clients in the Atlantic and New England regions; they specialize in remedial investigations, feasibility studies, remedial design, and remedial actions.

Director of Geosciences with Synergy Environmental Inc. is Brian Loughnane and he has a long history of using modeling software to support his work. “I have used Waterloo Hydrogeologic’ s Visual MODFLOW programs since the late 1990’s for three-dimensional modeling of groundwater flow for wellhead protection purposes; particle tracking; groundwater contaminant fate and transport; recover well network design; dewatering of excavation calculations and for litigation support purposes.”

The strong business relationship between Synergy Environmental Inc. and Waterloo Hydrogeologic deepened this spring through collaboration on a new software training opportunity. This successful new venture offered open-enrollment Visual MODFLOW Flex training at Synergy’s office in Royersford, PA. “Being able to host a Visual MODFLOW training seminar at our office was a highlight. The field of groundwater computer modeling has undergone a tremendous amount of change in the past 30 years. Waterloo provides software that enables environmental professionals to use the latest updates to the MODFLOW codes and having access to training is a tremendous benefit. Without the training opportunities, most of us would struggle.”

The future looks bright for Waterloo Hydrogeologic and Synergy Environmental as we plan for future training opportunities for Visual MODFLOW. “We hope to continue to host training opportunities within the greater Philadelphia Area. We believe the Mid Atlantic States are a great location for training. It has many historic locations, historic museums and art museums, and most importantly, our local cuisine is fantastic!”

Synergy Environmental Inc. and Waterloo Hydrogeologic. A trusted partnership built on history, mutual respect, and continual collaboration.

Want to know more about our on-site training partnership? Click HERE to get detailed information on our June session at Synergy’s office in Royersford, PA.

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