Retiring Visual MODFLOW Classic

March 2, 2018

For over 22 years Visual MODFLOW Classic has been the trusted groundwater modeling application for hydrogeologic professionals around the globe. Every great mentor gives so much to the apprentice that eventually the apprentice becomes the trusted advisor. With our introduction of Visual MODFLOW Flex approximately 5 years ago that hand-off began.

On January 24, 2018 we introduced the finishing touches with the release of Visual MODFLOW Flex 5.0, which allows the retirement of Visual MODFLOW Classic.  Retiring Visual MODFLOW Classic in March 2018 will mean the following:

  1. Visual MODFLOW Classic will still be bundled with Visual MODFLOW Flex until April 2019.
  2. You can still purchase support for Visual MODFLOW Classic until April 2019, which will expire one year after purchase, or
    April 2020.
  3. Product support for Visual MODFLOW Classic will end April 2020.
  4. No new updates, features, or bug fixes are released for Visual MODFLOW Classic after March 2018.
  5. You can still purchase a stand-alone version of Visual MODFLOW Classic once it becomes ‘un-bundled’ in April 2019. Pricing will be available in 2019.

I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your support over the past 22 years for making Visual MODFLOW Classic the robust product it has become.  The team at Waterloo Hydrogeologic looks forward to the new age of hydrogeologic modeling and bringing you the features and benefits that hydrogeologic professionals need now and into the future.

Michael Harrison

For any questions you might have about your license of Visual MODFLOW Classic, please connect with our sales team