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Find Your Fit During Our Semi-Annual Sale

//Find Your Fit During Our Semi-Annual Sale

“I’d like to put in an order for…” is sweet music to the ears of any sales person, especially during a sale. During our semi-annual sale the sales team at Waterloo Hydrogeologic will help you finish that sentence.

But along the way expect us to ask questions like: How will it be used? Who needs it? How many staff need to use it? Do they need training? What’s your budget for long-term maintenance and upkeep?

Why all the questions? Our sales team believes in setting our clients up for success. That means whether this is for a one-time site test or a long-term monitoring project, that kind of information helps us direct you toward the proper Waterloo Hydrogeologic software products and support. Engaging with us allows our team the opportunity to tailor solutions to fit your needs.

So as the summer field season scales up, now is the perfect time to evaluate the technology you’re currently working with to ensure it can handle your requirements. If your technology is unable to handle those requirements or if you need more robust solutions for this summer’s projects, our semi-annual sale provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade.

Give us the opportunity to have a conversation that starts with “I’d like to know more about…” and changes to “I’d like to put in an order for…”

And then allow us to help finish that sentence.

Connect with our sales team today to get the software package that best fits your needs – sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com

About the author: Jody Andruszkiewicz  is Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s Account Manager