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Keep your maintenance fresh!

//Keep your maintenance fresh!

Is my software fresh, or am I past my best before date?

Odd question when asking about your work technology. Sounds like a question you ask about a carton of milk. When you double-click the Excel icon, you know your technology is fresh because you can create spreadsheets. But when you click the icon and the software doesn’t work, what then?

Instead of asking why your technology isn’t working, consider when you last used it.

This matters because technology evolves and you don’t want a digital paperweight. At Waterloo Hydrogeologic, we constantly strive to respond to industry advances in our software by adding new features, making quality-of-life improvements, addressing bugs and making the user experience more intuitive and friendly.

During the first year after you purchase your software you’ll enjoy access to new features, product updates, and technical support when you need it with our comprehensive maintenance package. And because technology failures always seem to happen when you have deadlines, the greatest value in continuing active maintenance is not losing the ability to do your work. A maintenance program is a great defense against those challenges.

So before you click on that desktop icon, ask yourself this one important question: is it fresh, or am I past my best before date?

To avoid having a digital paperweight over the long-term, software maintenance is your best friend. Now is the time to reach out to our sales team and take advantage of sale pricing on your maintenance options –  sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com

About the Author: 

Jody Andruszkiewicz is Sales Account Manager with Waterloo Hydrogeologic.