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Training: Your Essential Tool

//Training: Your Essential Tool

Use Online Training as a Tool

I’m sure you’ve worked under a looming deadline only to get blocked by a seemingly simple software problem. It’s frustrating, but often it’s simple problems that could be resolved by a little more familiarity with the software you’re using. That’s why at Waterloo Hydrogeologic we support all our users by offering monthly introductory level training courses for our suite of environmental software.

Whether you’re analyzing pumping test data using AquiferTest, managing environmental data with Hydro GeoAnalyst, building numerical groundwater models with Visual MODFLOW Flex, or plotting water quality data with AquaChem, you’ll be happy you took a short-course when it saves you precious time before an important deadline!

Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s online training sessions provide a mix of essential theory and hands-on experience through a mixture of lectures and exercises. The focus is on teaching you how to use the software while highlighting potential key applications/features. And since they’re only 4-hours in length they can fit into any schedule!

Find the training session that fits your schedule online now! www.waterloohydrogeologic.com/training

Take advantage of our semi-annual software sale today and save! Our sales team is ready to help you with sale pricing –  sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com

About the Author: 

Brayden McNeill is Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s Training Specialist.