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The Perks of Being A Waterloo Hydrogeologic Distributor

//The Perks of Being A Waterloo Hydrogeologic Distributor

It goes without saying, being a Waterloo Hydrogeologic authorized distributor has its advantages, the obvious benefit is our generous scaling discount; plus free copies of our software to use for demonstrations to clients; we have marketing materials ready for your every need, and finally we provide you with introductory online training to get you started selling our suite of software products!

One thing we feel that makes us unique is our on-site visits. Yes, I will come to you! I spend my visits learning as much as possible about your business needs and discovering the part we play in your local client relationships.  I feel that having that increased understanding about who you are improves and strengthens our partnership.  This deep understanding of your business allows for us to best tailor our solutions where you need it most while improving the overall rapport between our teams. I truly appreciate the connections I have made thus far on my travels.

Look below – Can you guess some of the locations I visited our distributor partners?

At Waterloo Hydrogeologic, we appreciate all our partnership opportunities equally and are committed to help you grow your business.

Visit our distributor page to learn about our global reach!

About the Author:

Jason Dixon is the Sales & Marketing Manager with Waterloo Hydrogeologic. Jason manages and builds all global distributor partnerships. Interested in joining the Waterloo Hydrogeologic global family of distributors? Please connect with Jason directly jdixon@waterloohydrogeologic.com

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