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Free Webinar: Transitioning from Visual MODFLOW Classic to Flex

//Free Webinar: Transitioning from Visual MODFLOW Classic to Flex

Join our FREE Webinar!

We have a unique opportunity for our Visual MODFLOW Classic user base. We’re offering a free, 1-hour webinar that will  shed some light on the need to move from Classic over to Visual MODFLOW Flex.

Our modelling development efforts as of recent times have had a Flex focus to them. We want to ensure that we continue to create a high-quality groundwater modelling product that has achieved near functional parity with its predecessor. This means that with every new improvement implemented in Flex, users of Visual MODFLOW Classic will continue to be impacted. This is due to Classic’s compatibility challenges on modern operating systems. Get more information on these challenges here.

Now is a great time to take advantage of this free webinar session to learn more on how to begin your transition from Classic to Flex.

Register today for this informative session – Our sales team is happy to help!

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Jason Dixon is Waterloo Hydrogeologic’s Sales & Marketing Manager

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