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Our Spring Sale and More!

//Our Spring Sale and More!

Our vision is to continue offering you industry-leading hydrogeologic software solutions that are powerful, time-saving, and a pleasure to use.

Our four main products are getting major updates this year!  We are working hard to get client suggestions implemented and we’re confident our new product releases will make your deliverables first-class. We have recommitted to schedule annual releases for each core product going forward. We hope you will see value in that commitment to regularly update our applications with the great things you’re helping us to develop.

For example, we started off the year by releasing a completely redesigned AquaChem to very positive reviews. We know that its geochemistry capabilities are important in many of your projects.

Last month we followed up with some important improvements to AquiferTest, including adding base maps from online sources and increased flexibility in evaluating step-tests.

Our upcoming release of Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) at the end of June has us excited.  We know you invest significant amounts of time, effort and money in gathering and managing your data.  As a teaser, imagine what you could do with the analytical power of AquaChem married with the data management of HGA.  We think the time savings across your organization will be immense.

And later this year, Visual Modflow Flex is getting a significant uplift.  We listened to your feedback and have spent 18 months getting them built and added to the upcoming release.  We’ve been very focused on the usability and functionality you have requested.  Stay tuned.

Finally, we hope you will take advantage of our Spring Sale which finishes up in the next couple of weeks. We are inspired by many of our clients who are adapting to new ways of doing things, and we would love to hear from you on ways we can improve what we do.

Thank you for continued support of Waterloo Hydrogeologic.

Dwayne Mott

Hear more about our commitment to new product development, and to take advantage of the spring sale,   our sales team is standing by! sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com

About the Author:

Dwyane Mott is the General Manager at Waterloo Hydrogeologic.