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Available Now! Hydro GeoAnalyst 9.0 & HGA+

//Available Now! Hydro GeoAnalyst 9.0 & HGA+

Available Now! Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) 9.0 and the new premier edition, Hydro GeoAnalyst Plus.

New development in HGA 9.0 offers users a robust experience and includes:

  • Plot Modules: Enhanced plotting module capable of generating a variety of plots to help you better understand your data
  • Query Builder: Enables increased access to user data, and can pull the information easily to use in presentation and reports
  • Reporting Tools: Quickly generate powerful reports and presentations with HGA 9.0
  • And improved usability: Including Parameter Editor, List Editor, and SQL Server Versions

Introducing Hydro GeoAnalyst PLUS!

Hydro GeoAnalyst PLUS (HGA+)  includes an integrated, and powerful tool set to plot, analyze, and report on water quality and geochemical data. HGA+ combines the new geochemical analysis features available in HGA 9.0, offering users a robust application that helps you find answers related to your environmental and water related projects.

Development of HGA+ offers users a robust experience:

  • Plot Modules: HGA+ takes this enhanced plotting module a step further with tools to assess the geochemistry and make the information robust
  • Water Quality Analysis: HGA+ comes with a comprehensive set of functions and converters allowing users to perform quick, on-the-fly analyses on water quality data.
  • Reporting Tools: HGA+ Sample Report allows users to build standardized sample summary reports that calculate statistics, including min/max, specified quantiles, and the mean.  Reports have the option to compare results to active Water Quality Standards
  • Scripting with R-Console: HGA+ includes a console that allows users to use the R scripting language and leverage the thousands of available libraries it offers for data analyses, visualization, categorization and much more
  • And many more powerful usability tools
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