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Why model with Visual MODFLOW Flex

//Why model with Visual MODFLOW Flex

Visual MODFLOW Flex is here to help make your job as a groundwater modeler easier and less time-consuming. Visual MODFLOW Flex is an industry standard software tool helping groundwater modeling professionals do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Features such conceptual modeling and visualization outputs allow users to save time on their projects and enhance their reporting by creating more vivid and visually appealing reports.

Building models can be very time-consuming. The conceptual modeling feature in Visual MODFLOW Flex Pro and Premium can reduce project time by consolidating your work. Instead of creating multiple models to simulate multiple scenarios, Visual MODFLOW Flex allows you to create all scenarios in one model. You can also compare all these results in Visual MODFLOW Flex as well, saving you time and effort.

Reporting is a huge part of a groundwater modelers job. So naturally you want your reports to stand out. Visual MODFLOW Flex can help with this by creating more intriguing and visually appealing reports. Animated and 3D visual outputs will help make your reports more vivid and compelling. If you submit reports online, you can use animation functions to make your reports pop and come to life to help show users what is happening.

To learn more about how Visual MODFLOW Flex can help you with your groundwater modeling projects and activities, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, and contact our sales team at sales@waterloohydrogeologic.com.

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