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We are in this together – an invitation to build a community

//We are in this together – an invitation to build a community

2020 has been quite the year with many of you sharing your experiences related to how the Environmental management industry has been impacted. Groups as diverse as the International Association of Hydrogeologists other software providers (like Bentley Systems and Golden Software ), clients, partners and industry experts have shared with us ideas on things that are needed in the market.

We are grateful for the ideas coming from those many discussions including:

• An improved web site design (coming around the New Year)
• A compelling list of features for us to create
• A commitment to regular, annual updates for our 4 products
• Topics for training on the use of our products
• A new licensing model for academic institutions and
• A commitment to a better customer experience

The openness in these conversations and the consistent issues raised across the industry by people from so many different regions has shaped a theme of “Community” that we are using internally to help us develop our strategies and define our brand.

We are at the early stages of developing this idea. We want to be a catalyst to cultivate strong and progressive relationships across the industry. We hope to attract practitioners, educators, students, clients, associations, and other partners to participate in this community. We thought we would start to share this idea and ask people a simple question:



How should we interact with each other to build a better community?

We sincerely would like to hear your suggestions as we work on this concept with whomever has a shared interest in developing this idea together.

If you are interested in being part of this conversation, please reach out through our Contact Us page.

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