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Connecting our community

//Connecting our community

Training classroomWe appreciate the traffic being generated related to Waterloo Hydrogeologic these days. Thank you to everyone who is helping us promote our brand and offer feedback on trends in the market. In line with our community building activities, we want to support those who are helping us to succeed in the market.

We have identified 2 areas where our community is active where we think we can help. To do this we need to get better connected to these groups and discuss what is happening. Specifically, we are interested in:
1. Building relationships with the many regional industry associations that our clients take part in.
2. Highlighting some of the project work or research that our tools are being used for.

Associations are a great place to exchange ideas
Regional industry associations are coming up with new ways to help their members with ideas like increasing the educational component to their programs, connecting people with similar interests and sharing ideas in new ways. We think we can help these associations using our experience in the market and increasing awareness for their activities.

Dealing with challenging environmental situations
Many clients and partners have made us aware of very interesting projects they are solving using our AquaChem AquiferTest , Hydro GeoAnalyst , and Visual MODFLOW Flex tools. We are extremely proud of these applications and want to help recognize them in the industry, without breaking any confidentiality that often accompanies the work our clients do. If you have used our products for a challenging situation, we would like to promote your work within our community. Real world examples are what helps the industry evolve and we want to do our part to showcase your efforts.

We hope you are interested in talking to us about our vision for a connected community. If you are interested in being part of this conversation, please reach out through our Contact Us page. We look forward to what the future holds together!

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