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A Great Training Session

//A Great Training Session

Last week we ran a very successful online Groundwater Flow & Contaminant Transport Modeling course with the help of Andras Jakab, one of our most trusted partners. We had clients attend from across North America, as well as individuals from Indonesia, Senegal, South Africa, and Turkey. It was a very good group. Clients rated the course at 9.1 out of 10, which we view as a great score. More importantly they gave us some great feedback on things they would like to see in future courses that we are reviewing to see how we take advantage of those ideas.

The course helped us to lay the groundwork for our plans to schedule more training in 2021 on how to use our products. Training and helping our clients to use our software is important to our success. We are working on several ways to improve in this area and appreciate all the feedback we have received from our community about this. We hear you!

Our Visual MODFLOW Flex release in January 2021 will incorporate significant improvements that support Surface Flow and Routing (SFR2) and multi-node well (MNW1/2/I) packages in Finite Difference models. We have invested a lot to bring these features to market and we will kick off the New Year with courses in late January and February to help users get the most out of these new features in their work.

To support all of these ideas we are hiring a Groundwater Software Training Specialist position that will help us meet the schedule we have for courses in 2021. We also are working on plans to help users who keep their maintenance current with short task specific content to help you get more out of our software without investing the time needed for a full course. More on this when we get the position filled and start to deliver on this idea. We are always listening for input on things we can do in this area.

Please keep the suggestions coming. Reach out through our Contact Us page. We are looking forward to making these ideas work together. Stay well!

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