Our software is used heavily by the educational and research sectors.  To date, more than 1,300 installations of our software are present in universities, colleges, and research institutes worldwide and are used every day in classrooms to help teach the fundamental principles of hydrogeology.

Did you know?

According to Google Scholar, there are more than 4,000 published research articles that reference Visual MODFLOW, making it the most popular MODFLOW interface for scientific research.

Cost Effective Options

We understand that shrinking educational and research budgets can put pressure on institutions and limit their buying power.  Hydrogeological research has the potential to have a strong positive impact on both human health and the environment, both through the identification of new technologies for sourcing and maintaining a clean water supply, as well as through improvements in refining our understanding of the fundamental principles of hydrogeology for both groundwater flow and contaminant behavior in subsurface media.


Waterloo Hydrogeologic supports the academic and research sectors of our industry by offering steep discounts on educational and research licensing, as well as lectures, labs, and tutorials to help students and researchers easily teach and learn the software.

Research Licenses

Description: Research licenses are standalone or team licenses issued for research purposes.

Cost: Licenses of any of our software is available for research purposes at 50% off standard retail pricing.

Classroom Pack Licensing

Description: A classroom pak (CPAK) includes one standalone license and 10-user team license of a specific product.  Licenses are non-expiring.

Cost: Each classroom pack license costs the same as a single standard retail license (i.e., you are granted 11 licenses for the price of 1).

Unlimited Access Subscription Licensing

Description: Our C-Pak-Flex program allows academic institutions to subscribe to our entire suite of software for one low annual price and grant unlimited access to all students and staff within your institution for one whole year.

What you get:

  • Unlimited 12-month licenses of:
    • Visual MODFLOW FLEX Premium – 3D Groundwater Modeling Software
    • Hydro GeoAnalyst – Environmental Data Management Tools & Visualization Software
    • AquiferTest Pro – Pumping and Slug Test Analysis and Interpretation Software
    • AquaChem – Water Quality Data Analysis and Reporting Software
  • Access to training materials, lab exercises and lectures

Cost: $5,999 USD/year