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AquaChem Features

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Effortless Data Management & QA/QC

  • Easily import data from various file types (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .mdb, and .accdb) and file formats (samples as rows, samples as columns, one analyzed value for each row)

  • Export stations, analysis data and geochemical plots to multiple formats, including text files, spreadsheets, images, and print-ready Office documents.

  • Create simple to complex data queries and easily extract vital information about your water quality data.

Interactive GeoChemical and Statistical Plots

AquaChem is capable of generating the following plots:

  • Geochemical plots: Piper, Stiff, Durov, Schoeller, Wilcox, Giggenbach, Meteoric Water Line, Ludwig-Langelier, Ternary;

  • Statistical Plots: Box and Whisker, Histogram, Probability, Quantile, Detection Summary; and

  • General Plots: Scatter, Pie, Stacked Bars, Radial, Time Series

AquaChem allows you to create multiple plots for the same dataset and view these plots simultaneously side-by-side. All plots are interactive which means when you click on a data point, its corresponding sample is highlighted in the sample list. This is useful for identifying outliers.

Water Quality Data Analysis

AquaChem comes with a comprehensive calculators and converters that allow you to perform quick, on-the-fly analyses on your water quality data. AquaChem is capable of the following calculations and conversions:

  • Unit Conversion: AquaChem manages measurement and concentration units for you – switch between mass-, molar-, and equivalent-based concentrations on the fly.

  • Ionic Functions: Water Type, Electroneutrality/Ion Balance, Sum of Anions, Sum of Cations, TDS, Hardness, Alkalinity

  • General: Date functions, Exceedance counts, Total Organic Carbon, Total Organic Halogens

  • Corrosion and Scaling Indices: Langelier Saturation, Ryznar Stability, Puckorius Scaling, and Larson-Skold

  • Agricultural/Irrigation Metrics: Sodium Absorption Ratio, Magnesium Hazard, Residual Sodium Carbonate

  • Enthalpy: Enthalpy of water (liquid or vapor) based on temperature or dissolved silica

  • Isotopes: Estimates of infiltration elevation and temperature based on Oxygen-18 and Deuterium isotopic fractionation

Automatic Reports

In just a few clicks, AquaChem delivers ready-made reports that contain key information about your water quality data. Report layouts can be fully customized using the Report Designer to accommodate project-specific needs. The following automatic reports are supported:

  • Sample Report: Generates a report for selected parameters that includes comparisons to water quality standards and summary statistics for selected samples

  • Station List Report: Generates a table of selected sampling stations

  • Sample List Report: Generates a table of selected samples

  • Sample Result Report: Generates table of selected results for the active sample


  • AquaChem includes a console that allows you to run scripts in the R scripting language and leverage the thousands of available libraries that facilitate data analyses, visualization, categorization and much more.