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AquaChem Overview

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Water Quality Data Analysis and Reporting Software

AquaChem’s analysis tools cover a range of functions and calculations including unit transformations, charge balances, and statistics. These powerful analytical capabilities are complemented by an extensive selection of commonly used geochemical plots to represent the chemical characteristics of water quality data.

Why Choose AquaChem?

  • Simple and easy analysis of water quality data

  • Effortless and flexible data importing and exporting

  • Automatic geochemical calculations of water type, sum of anions, sum of cations, ion balance, TDS, hardness and more

  • Water quality exceedance reports for multiple water quality standards

  • Automatic ready-made reports

AquaChem Applications

  • Analyze and report aqueous geochemistry of municipal groundwater supply wells

  • Report analytical lab results of samples from contaminated sites

  • Manage water quality data from sanitary landfills

  • Identify mineralization trends for mining exploration

  • Analyze, interpret and plot water quality data

  • Identify and report water quality guideline exceedances

  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance with chemical exceedance and trend analyses reports

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