June 14, 2024

AquaChem 13.0 – Build 21.24.0618.1 (Jun 2024)

Features Added:

  • 64-Bit Edition: AquaChem is available as a 64-bit application, providing improved performance, better handling of larger projects, and easier configuration on most systems.
  • Plot Collections: The plot collection module supports labels for data points.
  • Data Sources: AquaChem now allows you to store project data in a Microsoft Access database or in MSSQL LocalDB and easily convert between database sources as your project needs change.
  • PHREEQC: The PHREEQC interface supports saving PHREEC (Basic) simulation configurations and the modeled parameter picker in the Parameter Editor module supports filtering and sorting.

For a complete List of Additions and Defects Addressed please see the Readme